With more and more people coming back to the warmth of a real fire, our aims are:

  • Supply you with the most suitable fuel for your appliance.
  • Supply the best quality Fuels.
  • Offer fair pricing.
  • Educate customers on Safety requirements when using Solid Fuels.
  • Deliver the Best Service.

We get lots of questions about which types of fuels are best suited to certain fires, so we've put together this page to help as a guide.

Further down we have also added some information you may find useful including some important safety guidance.

Please contact us if there's anything else you'd like to know before or after making a purchase, we are always happy to help. One of our employees (now part time!) is a qualified Fuel Technologist who has been has been in the coal trade for over 50 years, so you can be sure of expert advice.

Types of Appliances

Multi Fuel Stove & Log Burners

MutlistoveThere are now a vast range of Multi fuel stoves & Log Burners available on the market. Some are supplied ready for burning both coal & logs, others need a multi fuel kit fitted (usually a simple, removable grate) installed before burning coal. Log burners suitable only for burning firewood products as they do not have a grate to allow burning of coal. 

Some models have a back boiler, designed to supply heat to your central heating and hot water. Most models can burn a vast range of different fuels but please check your manual or with the stove manufacturer if unsure.

Suitable Coal Products:

Suitable Firewood Products:



Roomheaters These stoves are designed to supply heat to your central heating and hot water system, whilst also adding the warmth of a real fire to your home. Usually designed to run on Smokeless fuels. Typical types are Parkray, Rayburn and trianco.


Suitable Coal Products:

Suitable Firewood Products (if appliance suitable):



CookersSolid Fuel Cookers can provide three functions: Central heating & hot water, Cooking and added warmth to the kitchen. Designed to burn a range of Coal products and Firewood. Popular manufacturers are Raybyrn & AGA.


Suitable Coal Products:

Suitable Firewood Products (if appliance suitable):


Open Fires

Open FiresUsually open grates with no doors, Open Fires are used for the sole purpose of heating the room in which the fireplace sits. Some back boiler models are available to supply heat to your central heating / hot water.


Suitable Coal Products:

Suitable Firewood Products:


Gravity Feed Boilers

Gravity Feed BoilersAs the name implies this self feeding boiler is specifically designed to supply heat to your central heating and hot water. Trianco are the main manufacturer and these boilers burn only two types of Fuel – Anthracite Grains / Beans.


Suitable Coal Products:


Different Coal Burning Characteristics

Many people are surprised by how many different types of coal there is and they all have different properties.

With a new stove it is often best to try the different types of coal in small quantities first as all stoves are have different characteristics and will burn certain types of coal better than others. Chimney design can also be a factor.

Multiheat Briquettes

These are a manufactured Smokeless Fuel (also known as ovoids) made mainly from Anthracite. They will burn easily overnight on almost all Multi-Fuel stoves and burn completley to a powder-like ash.

  • Ease of Lighting: 3/5
  • Burn Time: 5/5
  • Overnight Burning: Yes
  • Heat: 4/5
  • Ash Content: Low

Welsh Anthracite Small/Large Nuts

Traditional mined coal

  • Small nuts are apprx. 1 – 2” size and more suitable for smaller fires (less than 6Kw
  • Large Nuts are apprx. 2 - 3” and more suitable for larger stoves.

More suited to a deeper fire grate, Anthracite is a very clean burning coal and has a Low ash content. Slow burning with a low flame. The best choice if you need to keep your fire in for prolonged periods due to the clean burn and low ash content.

  • Ease of Lighting: 2/5
  • Burn Time: 4/5
  • Overnight Burning: Yes
  • Heat: 3/5
  • Ash Content: Low

Welsh Dry Steam Coal (Small/ Large Nuts)

This is a traditional mined coal.

  • Small nuts are approx 1 – 2” size and more suitable for smaller fires (less than 6Kw)
  • Large Nuts are approx 2 - 3” and more suitable for larger stoves.

A very economical option for Multi Fuel Stoves. Provides a good heat with a lively flame. Can burn overnight depending on stove type. The best option if overnight burning is not a priority.

  • Ease of Lighting: 4/5
  • Burn Time: 3/5
  • Overnight Burning: Some Stoves
  • Heat: 4/5
  • Ash Content: Medium

Premium House Coal

Traditional mined coal

We stock mainly Trebles (Large Lumps 2 - 5" approx). Our house coal is free burning and provides an excellent heat with a large flame and low ash. Burns lively. Not suitable for overnight burning.

  • Ease of Lighting: 5/5
  • Burn Time: 2/5
  • Overnight Burning: No
  • Heat: 5/5
  • Ash Content: Low

Welsh Anthracite Grains/ Beans

Traditional mined coal

  • Grains are apprx. 10 – 15 mm
  • Beans are apprx. 15 – 25 mm

Suitable only for Gravity Feed Boilers. Anthracite is a very clean burning coal and has a Low ash content. Slow burning with a low flame.

  • Ease of Lighting: 2/5
  • Burn Time: 5/5
  • Overnight Burning: Yes
  • Heat: 3/5
  • Ash Content: Low

Different Firewood Burning Characteristics

Please click here for all the information you require on different types of firewood and their burning characteristics.


Carbon Monoxide

We strongly recommend that you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted if you burn Solid Fuels. Don't place it too near to your appliance - it should be in a place where it will wake you up if asleep.

Chimney Sweeping

To ensure Safety and Maximum performance from your appliance you need to have your chimney swept regularly (At least once per year - more frequent for some appliances.)

If you live local to the Swansea area – please visit our Chimney sweep / stove installation page here: https://www.supaheatlocal.co.uk/products/other-products/chimney-sweeping-/-stove-installations/ for recommended tradesmen or click to contact us.

Fire Hazards

Avoid storing any flammable materials, especially kindling, fire lighters and newspaper too close to your fireplace.

In the event of a fire/chimney fire:

  • Call the fire brigade - 999. Close the air inlet control if available.
  • Move any combustible materials such as furniture away from the stove/fireplace and chimney breast.
  • If safe to do so, attempt to extinguish the fire.
  • Retreat to a safe are until Fire Brigade arrives - close doors on the way out of rooms.

Additional Information

Authorised Smoke Control Areas

DefraDefra are the government body who deal with Smoke Control Areas and legislation.

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HETASHETAS is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. 

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SFAThe Solid Fuel Association is funded by solid fuel producers and distributors and was established to encourage greater awareness of the benefits of domestic solid fuel heating among the general public.

Operating as an advice centre, the Solid Fuel Association welcomes communication on all matters concerning the use of solid fuels both from domestic consumers and professionals such as heating installers and architects.

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